Learn quickly how to play the card game to advance to Baccarat to win

Baccarat is one of the most popular progressive card games in Asia, Europe and Latin America. It is difficult to hear the name of the game, but in fact,   Baccarat  is the easiest game to play at the casino. On 3KING, this is one of the top 3 games that are loved by many players.

Let’s learn the secret of playing Baccarat to be able to win the first game at the 3KING dealer!

How to play the card game forward to Baccarat at 3KING

As the number 1 reputable bookmaker in Vietnam today, 3KING supports players to play cards online on many different platforms. You can play directly on the website or download the 3KING application to your phone and play anytime or anywhere if you like.

3King mobile application is available for free installation for 2 operating systems iOS and Android with light and compact capacity that will not cause heavy device configuration.

Let’s learn how to play card games on mobile.

Step 1: Download and install the 3KING application on your phone
Visit the 3KING bookie website to download the application corresponding to the phone operating system
Step 2: Choose a room to play Baccarat

  • The 3KING dealer will support players in 2 different Baccarat rooms. In terms of gameplay, these two playrooms are similar. The difference is in the dealer. Therefore, you can choose any room to play Baccarat.
    Step 3: Place your bets

Although playing the card game forward to Baccarat has many bets, there are 3 most likely outcomes that are:

Player Door (player wins)
Banker door (the house wins)
Tie door (winner door)

Therefore, when betting on Baccarat, pay more attention to these 3 bets.

How to play Baccarat is very simple, you just have to place a bet and everything else is taken care of by the dealer. After you choose the bet door and lower the bet level, the dealer will deal the cards.

The dealer deals 2 cards on the Player side and the Banker side on each side. Depending on the score of the 2 cards, the 3rd card will be dealt. Then will match points, the side with the higher score wins and 9 points is the highest score of the game.

How to calculate the points of cards in the game of Baccarat:
Card A: Counts 1 point
Cards 10, J, Q, K: Count 0 points
Cards 2 – 9: Score by the number of points corresponding to the cards

Example: According to the illustration above

Player side has 2 cards (9 and K) total score: 9+0 = 9 points
The Banker side has 2 cards (9 and 8) total points: 9+8 = 17 points, but only 7 points are counted
Compare the score of Player side and Banker side: Player side has higher score => Player bet Player side will win.

Bonus rate in the card game progressing to Baccarat online at the house 3KING

Player Door: Bet 1 to 1
Banker Door: Bet 1 to win 0.95
Tie: Bet 1 to 8
The experience of winning Baccarat in the first game you can hardly ignore:
You apply the way of betting quickly, that is, follow the betting history table of the previous game and then choose the bet door in the next game. If you see any door in the previous game, then the next game bet on that door and double the bet.
For example: The previous game is about Banker, the next game that places the Banker door will have a very high chance of winning. If the Banker does not return, continue to the next game and bet on the Banker but double the stake compared to the previous bet. If the 3rd game still hasn’t returned to the Banker, the 4th game is placed on the Banker door and the bet is double the previous game.
Just win 1 game, you will get enough capital, when there is still a profit when applying this quick bet.

Playing and winning the online card game Baccarat at the 3KING house is not difficult. The more experience you learn, the higher your chances of winning. To do that, invest time in training and so on… earn money.