Play fish shooting game at 3KING – Shoot with your hand, get instant cash

  • On the left menu of the screen, click FISHING.
    There are many online shooting rooms to choose from. Play any room, click on that room is okay.

Step 3: Place bets and play shooting boss game bắn

  • Your job is to aim properly to shoot the fish. Want to be more accurate, you should increase the rate of fire of bullets.
    Choose large ammunition, even use mines when you see a lot of big fish around. Shoot great fish, right!
    Each type of fish will correspond to a certain amount of bonus. Players who hit any fish will receive the corresponding bonus.
    With this fish shooting game, the bonus is added directly to the player’s account.


Playing 3KING fish shooting boss game shows the level of aristocratic players. Every time you shoot a winning fish, you have money. So what are you waiting for without participating in the game shooting fish right away to bring home huge bonuses.