Top 3 card games “playing is addictive” at 3KING

3KING is the leading prestigious bookie in Asia today you cannot ignore when playing card games. Let’s see the online card games that are storming the market at the 3KING house.

  • Baccarat has a simple way of playing, very similar to
  • Vietnam’s 3-card scratch card
  • This is a point game, whoever has the higher score wins
  • 9 points is the highest score of the game
  • Playing baccarat at 3KING, you can play with a very sexy and friendly dealer
  • Diversity of betting doors: Banker door, player door, Tie door, Big door, Small door, etc
  • Diverse bet levels, support players with bets of 1K

This is a folk card game that brings the childhood machine back to new heights. You can play anytime, anywhere, you don’t have to wait for enough time or on any festival to play.

The way to play shrimp and fish at 3KING is no different from the traditional way of playing shrimp and fish. This card game has a variety of bets including: Crab, gourd, shrimp, fish, chicken, coin, etc.

The player’s job is to choose the bet door to place the bet. The dealer will then roll the dice corresponding to the bets. The outcome of the bet depends on the dice.

Top 3: Roulette

This game is popular in casinos, very popular with betting connoisseurs because it is easy to make money.

The game consists of a reel and a betting table, on the table there are numbers from 0 to 36 and distinguished by 2 colors red and black. On the reels, there are also numbers similar to the betting table. After the dealer throws a small ball around the reels, whichever number the ball stops, use that number as the result of the bet.

This question is asked by many newcomers to the game: Can playing card games be fooled?

The answer is: You are likely to be cheated only when playing at less reputable, low-quality bookmakers.

Playing card games online with the 3KING dealer is 100% assured because 3KING is a reputable bookmaker based in a foreign country, with a legal office. Not only that, the long-standing bookie has affirmed a certain position in the hearts of bettors.


Above are the top 3 card games that are loved by many players at 3KING casino. There are many interesting card games waiting for players to discover and experience. Sign up for a 3KING account, download the 3KING app to your phone so you can play anytime, anywhere.