Playing the game shooting fish for money is extremely attractive and interesting. Most players enjoy this game. However, you need to “practice” to be more likely to win than lose. Here are some tips from the masters who have been practicing for a long time at the 3KING bookie that a person who is not good needs to refer to to achieve the maximum bonus.

4 very effective ways to play shooting fish for money

First, you need to remember the following 4 ways of shooting to collect money easily:

Play mustache:
For those who are new to shooting fish games, when they do not have many skills and experience, do not be greedy for big fish.
Remember, the bigger the fish, the harder it is to eat and the harder it is to make them die. The more you shoot, the more money you lose to buy ammo.
So just shoot small fish to earn money first, and then count on the bigger fish when the skill level is up.
Shoot as soon as the fish comes out of the table:
As soon as the fish has just come out of the table, try to be quick, quick and accurate, you can earn money.
Don’t be greedy for the big fish outside but forget about this dangerous way of shooting to bring many coins over and over again.
Ball Shooting:
By firing a few bullets into the wall, they will bounce off the fish.
While waiting for these bullets, you can fire a few more bullets directly. This will make it easier for the fish to die.
Single and swarm shooting:
If single shot, use small bullets to avoid waste.
If you shoot 3 bullets and the fish is not dead, ignore that fish.
If you encounter a school of fish, use bullet 2 and shoot for 3 to 5 minutes at a time. At that time, the probability of killing many fish will be very high.
Tips to play shooting fish to win money:
If you want to play the game of shooting fish for money, the most important thing is the bet capital. When you first register at the bookie, you will get coins to play for free. The best way is to choose to shoot counter to lose coins and choose the most advanced gun to shoot big fish.
Please proceed to hang the game to accumulate coins and go to any room to play, hide the application. Every 20 seconds, you will accumulate 1 coin. That way you will earn more coins. This is an extremely clever trick that not everyone knows.
Also, don’t forget to check in every day to get free coins, check in at the weekend to get diamonds.

So the experience, how to play is in the palm of your hand. Your next thing is…just play. It’s simple to get started:

Step 1: Register for a 3KING bookie account

Step 2: Deposit money into your account and choose to play shooting game

Step 3: Win money and withdraw to personal bank account


With the above sharing, I hope you have “practice tips” to play the fish shooting game effectively at the 3KING bookie. Remember, apply them flexibly and depending on the situation of the game to choose the right way to play. Don’t forget to choose the best gun to shoot fish quickly, accurately and get a lot of coins for yourself. Good luck!